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Outer Banks Advertising News Updated April 17, 2007 - As you can probably tell, we're in the process of finally building out and finishing up The website. Over the last few years, the OBX website has consistently, and is currently, receiving very valuable and steady OBX related search engine traffic. Now that we have the time and resources to focus completely on The, we'll be able to truly dominate the top search engine terms for the most major and lucrative Outer Banks search words and phrases. We have many of those positions currently, but we now have a set plan in place to target and greatly improve those in this market niche. The timeframe for completion is no later than the Fall of 2007.

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We've been heavily involved over the last few years competing in more lucrative and a 100-times much more competitive online areas than what we will have to do to accomplish our objective here with It will be a treat and a pleasure to create and compete in an environment with much less focus and search saturation. Please don't be stuck with bad exposure by procrastinating or trying to decide whether or not to place an ad on The Fill out the form below, and lock in your prime placement to take advantage of the lucrative search traffic we can and will send to your company website and business. We know what we're doing, but it's always a matter of having enough time. Our priority will be on over the next six months, so don't get stuck on the sidelines only watching as your competition takes advantage of all the inexpensive and highly-focused Outer Banks customer traffic we'll be generating.

outer banks saleIf you're interested in advertising on this site, we'll offer you a special introductory deal. For the 12-month rate ad rate, you'll receive a years worth of ad placement and traffic, the year will not start until September 1st, 2007. As soon as you sign-up and pay for your ad it goes live within 48 hours. So the sooner you sign-up, the better placement you will receive, and the more free advertising exposure that's included in your first years ad buy. For example, if you sign-up and reserve your advertising spot on May 1st, 2007, you'll get 16 months of online advertising exposure from for the introductory 12-month advertising rate (This offer and associated ad rates are only valid for this first year launch. (Offer Expires October 1st, 2007).

"GUARANTEED" NO AD RATE on will be priced higher than $150 for your first year.

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All Major Credit Card and Paypal Orders Accepted - Ad Goes Live in 48 hours!

We're pricing our first twelve-month advertising rate so low, that it makes your decision a simple one as to whether or not you can afford to advertise on We're making the base investment to advertise with us nominal, and low-balling the rate. This rate will allow you to cover your initial investment within a few months of activity, and be enjoying free leads, business, and traffic for the remaining majority of your advertising term.

We want YOU to come back TO US next year and happily renew your ad, because we've proven our value to you. Next year we may have to raise some pricing levels in order to more fairly reflect the true value of business and targeted traffic we send to your company throughout the year in the Outer Banks.

Please don't wait until it's too late to reserve the prime spaces, as they may have already been taken. Please reserve ad space has been soldthe most prime position currently available for your industry/business-type before it's too late. Once those tops spots are sold, they are gone. The company that has paid first and reserved their space will retain rights to it going forward. This remains in effect as long as any future billed yearly ad rates are paid on time, and the customer remains in good-standing.

If we have any remaining ad spots left come Fall 2007, we'll be contact Outer Banks businesses directly to make them aware of our services, and sell any and all remaining advertising spots. Advertising positions will always be established on a first come-first pay system. Those companies first to reserve those prime advertising spots will be able to retain those positions for subsequent years.

We think you'll find our pricing options much more attractive, compared with some others offering similar ad space. but with much less traffic and a less targeted prospect. We look forward to driving traffic, business, and revenue to your Outer Banks business. If you wish not to use the following form, you can email us here directly to also discuss advertising options. (Please place OBX ADVERTISING in the subject-line of your email.) Thank you.

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Please replace the basic information in the boxes below with your specific business detail and needs. Press the "Submit" button when complete and you can expect a response within 48 hours.

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