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Outer Banks of North Carolina History

Thousand years ago, Indian inhabited Outer Banks and was also later on colonized by Englishmen. These two groups were not able to build harmonious relationships thus the colonists were forced to leave the Outer Banks. However, another colonist joined the Indians. This colony was also unsuccessful with their endeavors thus; they have to move as well. Pirates were also part of Outer banks history.

Then in 1796, the first lighthouse in Outer Banks was constructed as protection from deceitful Hatteras Island water. After the Civil War, Outer Banks became a great place to do hunting specifically for water birds. Subsequently in 1903, the Wright Brothers made a mark in the history when they took off a powered flight in Kill Devil Hill. These are just some of the reasons for Outer Banks' popularity and then becoming one of tourists' dream destinations.

One could never imagine how Outer Banks looks like in the olden times, now that it has sophisticated infrastructures, bridges as well as boats. Furthermore, Outer Banks now offers tourist attractions that long ago were deemed to be unfeasible.

Your visit to Outer banks would surely be breathtaking with all its amazing tourist attractions. You can choose to stay in luxurious beach houses while overlooking the Calm Ocean and stunning lighthouses. Then dine in to one of Outer Banks' great restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes. For adventurous people, you can go to historical piers where you can fish, or enjoy various Mountain Biking such as surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and canoeing. You can even go Mountain Biking on the Outer Banks. You can also get to know more of Outer Banks past by visiting its historical museums such as the Blackbeard and Maritime museums.

Everything is made possible on the Outer Banks. With countless things to do and see in this place, one visit may not be enough.

outer banks vacation rentals and realtyOuter Banks Vacation Rentals & Real Estate

If you're planning a trip down to the Outer Banks, the first course of business is to find a place to call home, and the sooner the better. No matter what you're searching for; outer banks vacation rentals, making a relocation to the Outer Banks, an extended winter visit, or for Outer Banks Real Estate, The Obx will provide you with all the information you'll need. The Outer Banks offers a wide variety of accommodation's for any type of visit. As unique as the area itself, so are the multitude of choices in where to stay, or live. From the seaside outer banks campgrounds, outer banks hotels and motels to multi-million dollar estates; there are options to fit everyone's taste and budget.

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outer banks fishingOuter Banks Fishing

My favorite part about the Outer Banks has got to be the outer banks fishing. There's nothing like spending the day on the pier fishing, offshore fishing or doing a little surf fishing. Whatever you like, the Outer Banks has it all. There's some great fishing spots throughout the area

Outerbanks Offshore Fishing Charters | Outer Banks Fishing Piers | Outer Banks Boat Rentals
Outer Banks Fishing Party/Group Boats | Outer Banks Surf Fishing | Outer Banks Marinas | OBX Tackle Shops

outer banks attractionsOuter Banks Attractions & Entertainment

There's quite a bit to do in regards to Outer Banks attractions, but the best, is usually doing a lot of nothing. The pace is slower and not overwhelmed with tourist activities, so you never really feel pressured to cram the day with activity.

There's just enough to keep the kids from getting board, but not too much so you're running all over town to keep them from nagging. There's some great history in the area and activities revolving around nature and the culture. You can spend the day at the Outer Banks beaches, tour the Wright Brothers Museum, climb the dunes, fly a kite, and much, much more.

Outer Banks Area Attractions | Outer Banks Golf | Outer Banks Water Sports | Outer Banks Museums | Outer Banks Lighthouses | Outer Banks Beaches | Mountain Biking on the Outer Banks

outer banks restaurantsOuter Banks Restaurants

You just have to love fresh seafood. The Outer Banks restaurants serve some of the best there is. From the more expensive fine dining restaurants, to the multiple seafood buffets available; the Outer Banks offers something to please everyone's appetite.

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outer banks shoppingOuter Banks Shopping

Outer Banks of North Carolina offers many excellent shopping opportunities. The area is home to some very unique specialty stores, craft stores, and shopping malls.

Outer Banks Shopping

outer banks mapsOuter Banks Maps

Visit the Outer Banks Maps area for complete Outer Banks area map and location information.

Outer Banks Area Maps

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